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How To Set Up Your Email On iPhone/iPad

1. (If you are using iPhone 6 or older) Open Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account

1a. If you are using a newer iPhone (iPhone 7, 8 or X), Open Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account

2. Fill in these settings for a New Account and click Next:

-Name: Your Name (John Smith)
-Email: Your Email Address (john@yourdomain.com)
-Password: Provided Password
-Description: Your Company Name

3. On next screen, click IMAP 

-Name: Your Name
-Email: Your Email
-Description: Your Company Name

Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server: (Make sure these 2 are filled out and the same)

-Host Name: mail.b.hostedemail.com
-Username: Your Email Address (john@yourdomain.com)
-Password: Your Password

NOTE: Even though Outgoing Server options say (Optional), Outgoing server host, username and password are required.

For incoming server settings:

Port: 143 (IMAP)

For outgoing server settings:

Port: 587 

*Note: If having your email secured with HTTPS/SSL is important to you, please visit this page for Host Name settings and Port settings

4. Click Next and your Email Account should be all set up.

*Note: If you receive a dialog that states "Could not verify server identity", please just click continue. You may need to do this twice. 

**Note For POP settings: Incoming server use Port 110, Outgoing server use Port 587

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